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The Role of Whimsy

Hi from Brooklyn!

I had the good fortune of previewing 'Schiaparelli & Prada' at the Met yesterday. The dresses shown at the museum were stunning in design, fabrication, thought and execution. And every piece had a surprise. Whether it was an unexpected button, trim, grommet or embroidery, it was there to delight the eye.

Seeing all of these gorgeous frocks got me thinking about the role of whimsy in design. Rooms, too, need the surprise of whimsy. It's what keeps a room from looking like a showroom. It's what personalizes your space. It's what makes it special and fun and keeps your place from looking like your neighbor's.

It's easy to incorporate whimsy by using accessories. You can choose from fun pillows, artwork, or small pieces of furniture. Here is some fun to consider for your home along with a tricycle that I came across in Soho last winter. See, you always notice whimsy!

xoxo Theresa

seabaugh interiors, brooklyn design, interior design
Isn't this fun? It's going to be a tree ornament!
seabaugh interiors, brooklyn  interior designer, interior design
Kiwi Birds from Global Views.
seabaugh interiors, brooklyn interiors design, interior designer
Wrought iron gate to the living room circa 1900. Unexpected color!
seabaugh interiors, brooklyn interior designer
Green pouf from Global Views.
seabaugh interiors, brooklyn interior designer, soho
Yarn wrapped tricycle found in Soho.

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