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All Around Town- Interior Design Trends

Hi from  Brooklyn!

As an interior designer, we are always looking for new, inspiring ideas, products and practices, which necessitates running to events all over New York. In the past 2 weeks, I have attended the Metro Antique and Art Show in Chelsea, the NYIGF show at the Javits Center, seminars at the D&D building (twice), and a class on Theatre Lighting for the home at my alma mater, NYSID.  All of this around the actual 'work' of interior design. 

So what is out there?

I'm seeing more of a shift to monochromatic color palettes, for example a room in shades of yellow instead of yellow plus another color. Colors include either super saturated tones or dusty retro colors. This may seem like opposites but they each clearly have a place. Best bets- blues (dark) and yellow/greens (think olive) followed by the ever-present gray.

Fabrics are all about prints and I am really drawn to them. This is the first time in a long time that I've seen prints that I don't remind me of 1980's redux. They are bold and fun and sexy all rolled together. Again, I'm seeing both really saturated color and dusty retro's, but also fresh monochromatic palettes. Lots of Chinoiserie. Notice, I did not mention chintz (yet).

Handmade and 'crafted' still reigns supreme. This, as part of both the artisan and green movement, will continue to hold great influence over design for years to come. It's really rather lovely to mix pieces that are hand crafted into a room and watch how they bring life into the space. 

Lighting continues it's journey into the great world of technology. Those who have worked with me know that I have an almost allergic reacation to CFL bulbs in residential settings. So I was really intrigued to find out that Apple Stores are selling a Phillips LED lighting system. I bought the set but haven't had time to play…

Below, some pics of pretty and fun. Enjoy!

xoxo Theresa

Theresa Seabaugh Interiors, Brooklyn, NY