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Top 5 Tips for Creating a Great Airbnb

Have you wondered what makes a great Airbnb experience? Here are my top 5 tips. Besides location and your home’s curb appeal, it’s the coziness of your decor that keeps people coming back. Unlike your actual home, your rental should anticipate what vacationers need before they realize they need it.

1. Bedding- There are places to invest and places where you can save. Definitely invest in a comfortable mattress and pillows. If your guests don’t sleep well, they will not be coming back. You must have great looking bedding, which in this case doesn’t need to be expensive. It does need to photograph well. Personally, I skip past every home with sketchy, wrinkled, old bedding. Yuck.

2. Bathrooms- Needless to say, they must be clean and have lots of nice towels. These need not be expensive, but they should look new and there should be enough for 2 per person. The same goes for a good supply of washcloths and hand towels. Towels rolled inside baskets add a touch that says “I pay attention to the details”.

3. Kitchen- My pet peeve here is with what is always missing- large bowls and platters, sharp knives, and decent size wine glasses and coffee mugs. Want to make your renters happy? Let them wake up to a large cup of coffee!

4. Living Room + Dining Room- These are the easiest spaces to get right. Make sure your furniture is comfortable and that you have sufficient lighting at different levels- floor lamps as well as table lamps to light your room. Several decorative pillows in various sizes along with a basket of pretty blankets keep everyone comfortable. You should always have a living room rug in a texture or cool pattern to pull you room(s) together.

5. Outdoor Space- You definitely should up your game with nicely decorated outside space(s). This will make your rental stand out from your neighbors. Include lighting (candles and string lights), sectional seating (with pillows), and a dinner table. This should feel like an additional room, making guests eager to book your home.

Finally, what else can set you apart from the competition? Almost every home that I’ve rented has been furnished from Ikea and/or Target/Walmart. To set your home on the path to success, consider shopping vintage. Adding interesting side tables, glass vases, lamps and artwork will create excitement. Your guests will love finding these one-of-a-kind items sprinkled around your home.