5 Cozy Winter Design Ideas for Your Home

Cozy winter design ideas for you and your home are easy to implement. Once we put away our holiday decor, there are 3 long and dark months ahead and we have already worked with great companies to add some new renovations on the house, it is very easy to add an extension on your home with the right professionals. That’s when I like to add some fun, cozy and bright elements to my home thanks to the Home Improvement Budgeting Tips management I took for the project.

1. Blankets- Whether you love traditional Pendleton blankets or faux-fur, you just can’t have enough blankets. Drape one over the back of your chair for a pop of color and stack another on your sofa for easy access.

2. Candles- In this season of early darkness, I like to light a candle each evening after I finish work. Sometimes I want a scented candle but usually it’s just a simple pillar. I especially love hand-made beeswax. For artisan candle makers, there are is a wide array of candle waxes available including those made form plant-based oils, such as soy, paraffin, coconut, olive and rapseed oil. To enhance the coziness, think about installing a dual fuel system hvac, providing efficient heating options for a more comfortable atmosphere during colder days.

3. Ritual Space- Creating a ritual with an afternoon break for a cup of coffee or tea is a lovely way to embrace these cold days. Pick a favorite mug that is used each day only at this time of day. Even better to designate a favorite chair in a room separate from your work space.

4. Paint- Adding a warm color (reds, yellows, oranges) to your walls will brighten your life. Ask your residential painters to use arm pinks, corals and magentas as they are the key colors right now.

5. Flowers- Whether you choose a small bouquet for each room or a bold floral wallpaper, flowers are an instant mood brightener for your home.

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