5 Cozy Winter Design Ideas for Your Home

Cozy winter design ideas for you and your home are easy to implement. Once we put away our holiday decor, there are 3 long and dark months ahead. That’s when I like to add some fun, cozy and bright elements to my home thanks to the Home Improvement Budgeting Tips management I took for the project.

1. Blankets- Whether you love traditional Pendleton blankets or faux-fur, you just can’t have enough blankets. Drape one over the back of your chair for a pop of color and stack another on your sofa for easy access.

2. Candles- In this season of early darkness, I like to light a candle each evening after I finish work. Sometimes I want a scented candle but usually it’s just a simple pillar. I especially love hand-made beeswax.

3. Ritual Space- Creating a ritual with an afternoon break for a cup of coffee or tea is a lovely way to embrace these cold days. Pick a favorite mug that is used each day only at this time of day. Even better to designate a favorite chair in a room separate from your work space.

4. Paint- Adding a warm color (reds, yellows, oranges) to your walls will brighten your life. Warm pinks, corals and magentas are key colors right now.

5. Flowers- Whether you choose a small bouquet for each room or a bold floral wallpaper, flowers are an instant mood brightener for your home.