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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Wallpaper is having a moment and here are 3 tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your spaces. There are great reasons for adding wallpaper as choosing a lovely print or stripe for your walls creates interest and coziness. Abstract art wall murals create a unique focal point.

Tip 1- Choose colors that you love. This sounds silly but you have to absolutely hands-down LOVE what you choose. Go all in!
Tip 2- Understand the difference between choosing a large scale print and a small scale print. Small scale prints will look more busy in your room. Medium or large scale prints, especially with white/light backgrounds, will look airer.
Tip 3- Resist the temptation to paper only one wall. So called Focal Walls chop up your room. Enveloping yourself- and all 4 walls- is usually the best option. It has more impact and flow.
Bonus Tip- always hire a professional for your wallpaper installation. It makes a huge difference in your outcome.