Theresa Seabaugh Interiors, Brooklyn Interior Designer


Hi from Brooklyn!

You know how you wake up on Monday morning and think that you are going to accomplish a particularly big project this week? And then Friday rolls around and you realize you haven’t had 30 seconds to work on it? That has been my week.

For some reason, I have been consumed by tile, tile and more tile this week. Not that I have anything against tile. It’s just not how I planned to spend my week.

One of my projects was to come up with 6 different tile designs for a showroom to display. Where do designers go for inspiration? Back to the past, in order to bring fresh new designs into the future! It turns out that where ever I went this week, I found great examples of tile work. For those familiar with the New York City Subway, it is a virtual treasure trove of tile work from the early 20th century. On Saturday while running errands (for work & in a snowstorm), I looked down and noticed beautiful Victorian tile work at my feet. And, always, I sort through the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken in the past couple of years. See what inspired me…

xoxo Theresa