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Keeping Your Holiday Spirit

Hi from the Madhouse!

If, like me, you have way too many demands on your time, the Holiday Season can send you over the edge. Too many people moving too slowly for our type A must-get-it-done-now personalities. But, in the end, we always manage to accomplish it all, don't we?

So, this year I am taking a different view. I am embracing the unexpected, the obstacles, the slower-than-molasses people trying to wear me down. Every last one of them. Yes, I know, we'll see how long this lasts. But, really, if over-the-top stress is the other option, what choice do we have?

My new attitude…Not enough time to shop? Take a break and have a forbidden snack instead! You have more days left then you think, so why not treat yourself? You deserve it, don't you?

Your house not Holiday decorated to the 9's? Invite those unexpected guests in! After enough drinks, your friends will be able to envision, not only twinkling lights but sugar plums too.

Holiday cards not sent? Send them after Christmas, or better yet, after New Years! Trust me on this one. So few people send cards through the mail anymore, your friends will be still be impressed. Your mother-in-law not so much. You might want to send that one early.

And through it all, remember to SMILE! If it doesn't make you feel better, it might help those around you.

xoxo Theresa