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Mixing It Up with Prints

Hi from Brooklyn,

Prints are every where you look with inflluences from around the globe. Whether using traditional English chinz, ikats, or suzanis, the result is vibrant and fun.

What makes this trend so interesting is that one print is never enough. Yes, layer your prints on top of more prints. This lends your room a cozy, intimate feel that just envelopes you at every turn.

The key to the look is easy. 1. Pick a dominant color in your 1st print, like the purple in the armchair. 2. Follow up with the dominant color in the background of your 2nd and 3rd prints. 3. End with a 4th print to contrast and pop.

You can also use this technique with furniture- layer a suzani printed stool over an ikat print rug. Here are some ideas to get you started…Mix it Up & watch prints transform your space!

xoxo Theresa