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Orange is Definitely the New Black

Hi from Brooklyn!

Recently, I spent a day at the Javits Center working through a trade show. While at first glance this room looks a little over-the-top exuberant, if you take out the strong orange wallpaper, it instantly calms down and becomes a neutral room with a pop of color. See how that works? These pieces are updates on traditional ideas that incorporate interesting textiles, trim and finishes. It's a design aesthetic that I love because it's very easy to live with.

Notice all of the gold & brass? As I've mentioned before, these finishes are here to stay. They lend a warmth to rooms that is wonderful, especially on dreary grey days. Other showstoppers at the trade show were sculptural lighting, stone tabletops, rattan, wicker and baskets and lots of light wood finishes. 

And, orange is not that scary after all. Enjoy your day.

xoxo Theresa

Theresa Seabaugh Interior Design  | Brooklyn, NY