What do you do if you live in a Brooklyn brownstone with white marble mantels, have a mid century kitchen, an antique mahogany dining table, two Asian cabinets, and inherited an uncomfortable drab settee from your favorite aunt?

When I needed help redecorating my parlor floor I contacted Theresa with a sense of anticipation and a little anxiety. Over the years I accumulated furniture and objects that are meaningful to me and that I wanted to keep, even though they didn’t blend with what I envisioned for my living space. I also wanted a generous closet for coats, shoes, brooms and my vacuum cleaner.

Theresa looked at my space, but also looked at me. A purple bag told her I love pops of color, even though in general I prefer a muted palette. My entrance featured a library full of books, but the gold-trimmed pink teacups that belonged to my mother betrayed a weakness for the feminine and the delicate.

I am very pleased with the results … Theresa incorporated my old pieces into a new beautifully crafted space. Her choice of textiles gave a new life to the old settee, which is now a cool focal point. The rooms have a subtle Asian flavor, there are unexpected pops of color, the new closet is functional but looks as if it had been built with the house. There are touches of brass, as well as pretty and feminine details.

Last but not least, Theresa is patient, professional, and fun to work with. She took my budget seriously, made sure I understood how to be smart about my resources, and helped me to find a balance between my ‘wants’ and my ‘needs’.