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Floral Prints

Hi from Brooklyn!

When I first work with a clients, we have fun going back and forth discussing their 'style'. Almost to a person, they tell me,
"I don't want flowers!"  Why is this?

I think for most people, florals conjure images of grandma's sofa or, worse, bad 1980's overblown prints. But anything that reminds us of nature, flowers included, calms and soothes.

Florals are a great way to soften overly masculine or very neutral spaces. I think of them as a cool 'pattern' adding into the mix of stripes, solids and circles. By presenting a new shape, your room instantly becomes much more interesting. Currently extremely popular in fashion, design studios have so many beautiful new floral fabrics in stock. I especially love the more modern interpretations.

So before you tell me that you don't want flowers, consider what florals can add to your home. 

xoxo Theresa

Theresa Seabaugh Interior Design | Brooklyn, NY