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How to Choose Paint Colors

Hi from Brooklyn!

Those of you who have worked with me know that I love color. It's rare that I will recommend white paint on your walls. There's always another color that is warmer, cozier, or just cooler to pull your room together. Generally, something a little unconventional works better. 

When choosing paint colors, I always follow 2 rules:

1. Paint the color in the room before buying it.

2. Select your paint color last.

Painting the color in the room is obvious though often ignored. The paint chip that we all view from the store is printed with ink on paper; it is not paint. It will look completely different on your wall. Natural light and the color of your light bulbs will also effect how you 'see' the paint in your room. The paint color will change as the light changes in your room throughout the day. Never paint your room and then select your furniture. Your carpet, window treatments and furniture all need to be taken into consideration before you paint your walls. Paint pulls all of these items together in a cohesive way. There are 29 million paint colors to choose from and there will always be a 'perfect' shade. Choose it last!

Pantone Color has picked Greenery, above, as the Color of the Year. This is a hopeful, happy color. It reminds me of spring time and is a perfect balance of blue and yellow undertones. In the late 70's, our beach house had corduroy living room furniture in the exact same shade! Hmmm, corduroy furniture….no, maybe not.

xoxo Theresa

Theresa Seabaugh Interior Design