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Kitchen Trends

Hi from Brooklyn!

The KBIS Trade Show just finished in Orlando, so this month I thought I'd offer my insight on kitchens. If you're planning a kitchen renovation or just need a sprucing up, here are some thoughts to consider.

One interesting trend in kitchens is that clean, sleek modern kitchen styles have overtaken traditional kitchens in popularity. Along with this comes the trend away from granite countertops. Quartz is king, offering a super almost impervious surface for your hardworking kitchen. Another countertop trend is the return of wood countertops. They take some upkeep but lend a warm finish to your kitchen. 

White is, hands down, the most popular kitchen color choice. If you prefer contrast, white and gray are the most popular two-tone choice. Mixing cabinet colors or materials are perfect choices for large kitchens with a lot of cabinets. You can also consider mixing in metal or light wood finishes with your painted cabinets.

This photo is a great example of the transitional kitchen style. It has a cool blend of shaker cabinets, modern pulls, interesting tile with gray grout, quartz countertops and stainless steel finishes. Sleek, contemporary and hardworking all rolled into one beautiful kitchen!

Using every nook and odd space is important when I'm designing a kitchen and I love to incorporate innovative materials to add a pop. This crocodile material is…Formica! That awful 1970's countertop material is now offered in some really cool finishes. Don't you love technology? This photo shows the material as a backdrop around a wine bar, but you could also use it as a countertop. There is cool stuff out there, you just need to know where to look. Hint: it's not Home Depot.

Did I mention that blue is a trending color for kitchens? I love the shiny shade of this Cornufe 1908 oven. These 'chef' ovens remain super popular as well as super expensive. Adding them to apartments sometimes can require an upgrade to your electrical power. Just thought I'd mention that… Both induction cooktops and convection ovens have been popular for several years. Microwave drawers are starting to come down in price and work so well. The lower height is super for kids too!

How is your kitchen looking?

xoxo Theresa

Theresa Seabaugh Interior Design | Brooklyn, NY