How to Pick the Best Sofa

Choosing the best sofa for your home takes a bit of research. We all want the most comfortable sofa ever, but the definition of ‘comfortable’ varies by person. And of course, we want our sofa to look amazing too!

Need a new sofa? Here’s what you need to decide-

    1. Do you prefer a tight back (upholstered), button back or lots of pillows in the back?
    2. Do you want legs or a skirt? (Easy choice!) What style legs? Metal or wood? What color?
    3. What fabric? Leather is super durable for kids but a disaster for pets. Indoor/outdoor fabric is terrific but can be stiff and scratchy, so you need to shop around for the soft fabric. Velvet and chenille are both cozy choices and can wear well with a minimum of TLC.
    4. Do you want arms or swoop sides?
    5. How deep? This is important for comfort and really depends how tall you are. Your legs should touch the floor.
    6. What length? You sofa should be in proportion to your room and you’ll want to be able to lie down.
    7. What filling do you like? Choices are foam, all down or foam wrapped with down. In essence, you need to choose the level of support versus how much slouchiness you want.
    8. Now that you’ve figured out what you want to buy…Does your new sofa fit through all of your doorways? Down the hall? Up the stairs? In the elevator? You can’t overlook how you’re getting it where it needs to be!