easy holiday decor

Easy Holiday Decor Tips

The holidays are right around the corner and I haven’t started decorating yet. What about you? I struggle with our holiday decor because we live in such a small space. It’s easy to tip from holiday spirit into way too claustrophobic with too much holiday spirit! So, I like to keep our holiday decor simple and clean. Bonus- pared back decorating is also easier to put away after the new year.

So after the obvious- your amazing tree- what do I suggest? Read on for some super simple stress-free tips. Each of these is minimum shopping and maximum impact.

    1. Change up your Greenery- Short of time? Instead of buying ropes of greens and bows, bulbs and lights, put out matching pots of ivy. You can match the pots to your home decor and add a festive ribbon around the pot. Intersperse the ivy with tall white candles and you’re good to go!
    2. Sweet Stuff- Super simple decor that’s effective and yummy? Try these- Christmas candy in an antique silver bowl- M&M’s for all! Red and green apples in a rustic box or basket for a smart burst of holiday cheer on your table. Put walnuts in a bright red bowl with a cute Nutcracker standing guard.
    3. Holiday Candles- I love ivory flameless candles and have been using them for years (check out Restoration Hardware with the remote control). I pop a few in my windows and several on tables around the living room. When you walk in a after a long day, instant holiday atmosphere is at your finger tips.
    4. Fairy Lights- If there’s ever a time we need light in our life, it’s during the cold, dark, damp days of winter. Fairy lights can be strung in your kids’ rooms, around your table and even around the kitchen. Or pick up a couple mason jars of LED’s and add them to your hall table for a bit of holiday joy!

Out of time and inspiration? Red ribbon by the roll from Amazon can do amazing things!