Creating a Comfortable Room

Theresa Seabaugh Theresa Seabaugh Theresa Seabaugh
Cozy and plush grey sofa and ottoman

Creating a comfortable room is easy once you answer a couple of basic questions. How do you want the room to feel? How do you want the room to function? What are you doing in this space?

In the study, pictured, you will notice lots of texture and pattern. These layers provide a cozy, luxurious feeling. The ottoman offers a spot for games or to put your feet up. The rattan chair and small table are both light weight and can be easily be moved to include more people in the conversation. There is overhead lighting as well as both a floor and table lamp (not shown). All key ingredients to perfect comfort.

The bathroom may be an unusual candidate for comfort until you realize the thought behind each selection. Besides overhead lighting, the medicine cabinet provides side mirrors and an interior mirror, allowing a comfortable place for makeup and shaving. Sliding glass shower doors allow easy access in and out. Including a handheld shower-head allows everyone to shower in comfort. The faucet was chosen for the comfortable levers as well as the cool look they offer.