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HGTV and Your Renovation Reality

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Kitchen Renovation in construction

We know that HGTV isn’t ‘real’, but just how much of a stretch are these shows? Like you, I probably spent way too much time over the holidays watching these shows. They are endlessly entertaining, but it’s important to understand how far from reality these home renovations are.

Here are my top 3 HGTV reality checks-

1. Plans- Renovations need a plan and you can see this here the experts in this field who are necessary to build up your dream. You don’t demo your kitchen and then decide where to put the island. It doesn’t matter what room you are changing, you need a scaled drawing on a piece of paper that your builder can follow. There are a 100 reasons why this is important and I’m sure you don’t want to read them here,  but just remember it’s super important that you don’t start your renovation without a plan.

2. Money- Renovations need a realistic budget (have a peek here to frame a friendly budget to get all your works done)and the budgets mentioned on TV are not in the ballpark for most areas of this country. TV budgets do not included donated merchandise, free appliances, staged furniture or discounted (or free) labor. Do you know how much a good farm sink costs? About $1000. Does that blow your mind? Your kitchen faucet costs almost as much. Can you see how unrealistic a $20K kitchen renovation is? You’ve just spend 10% on 2 things and you haven’t picked up a hammer yet ($20). Budgeting is an area where I can really help you figure out what your renovation will cost and how to prioritize your spending. Let’s discuss!

3. Time- There is an old adage that out of Price, Quality and Time, you can only achieve 2 of the 3. TV shows emphasize low prices and a compressed time period (therefore, quality suffers) . On the ‘better shows’ you can literally see a change in seasons, which gives you a good clue as to how much time has really passed.  Good renovations take time and a professional designer can help you set realistic expectations of how long to expect your work to take.

Home Renovation 411-

Did you know that you usually have to wait 4-6 weeks for your contractor to fit you into his schedule? This is after you have presented him with drawings for the bid along with a list of work to be covered, have communicated your budget, finished your interviews and signed his contract! Yes, there is a ton of work to be finished before you pick up a hammer. How to manage this?

I work with my clients prior to the contractor hire. I have found that this enhances the function and design of your home, giving us time to thoughtfully determine all of your needs. This allows us to purchase your finishes and fixtures so they are on site as soon as demolition is complete. This is a big factor in reducing your construction time and ensures that we hit your budget.  Hard work for a wonderful result!