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Bathroom Trends and Ideas

Bathroom Trends Bathroom Trends Bathroom Trends Bathroom Trends
Black, blue and white large hexagons

There were lots of great ideas at KBIS 2020 this year and here are my key takeaways on Bathroom Trends. You can use these ideas if you’re planning start a bathroom remodel. Discuss these ideas with your bathroom remodeling services contractor and try to incorporate them in your plan. Your contractor may also recommend getting a dumpster rental for easier cleanup of any construction debris and other waste.

Plumbing and Technology– Every manufacturer had a version of tech integration to pair with your phone or home system. After days of examining all of these cool features, we came to the conclusion that the the people best served by this technology are those with special needs and those who wish to age in place. These features aren’t really time savers, but can be amazing help for those with limited mobility. Something to keep in mind if you’re planning  a renovation or building your forever home. From an aesthetic point of view, brass remains prevalent with matte black finishes a close second. Both finishes work with any decor from traditional to super modern. You can hire an expert such as this plumber in League City, TX for installations.

Vanities and Mirrors– Wood vanities were featured everywhere and look fresh and exciting when paired up with brass accents. Integrated sinks remain popular -always shown in white. Single hole faucets continue to offer the most modern look. I love this particular vanity from James Martin (photo) which offers size without looking bulky. The blue stone accents are unique and beautiful. Mirrors and medicine cabinets that incorporate LED lighting just keep getting better. While LED lighting color skews blue (which is not great for makeup application), it offers a level of brightness that is unsurpassed by sconces or overhead lighting. Think of this as a really nice layer of light to add to your bathroom.

Tile and Texture– Large format tile is trending large for bathrooms and the bigger the better! Offered in a variety of shapes, there were excellent displays of 8″ multi color hexagons, 12″x24″ rectangles mixing smooth and textured patterns and 48″x120″ slabs of ceramic tile that look like stone (think marble walls with minimal seams). All of these bring a truly modern feel to bathroom design. Textured hardware throughout the kitchen and bath world is now manufactured in a multitude of colors with the latest offerings in brass and matte black. Mixed color finishes on faucets and hardware provides a unique look to your room. Textured metal is most often knurled (photo) or with lined grooves for a cool, contemporary look. You may visit a shop that sells home remodeling supplies to find the materials you need for your new bathroom.