Working from Home in Style

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Creating a work space in your living room

As a big chunk of our country is now at home, it’s becoming a challenge to stay out of each others way. As someone who has worked from home over the last 7 years, it’s really important to establish a routine and stay organized. As we speak, my husband’s new office is the guest room sofa (his choice!). Each night he puts all his work back into his backpack.  Just in case he’s unexpectedly released from ‘prison’, he’s ready to dash out the door without a second thought!

With my business, ‘corralling my stuff’ is a huge problem. I try not to keep a lot of samples on hand and each client has a designated canvas tote bag (www.landsend.com) that ensures no one’s samples or paperwork co-mingle or migrate elsewhere. It’s really important that your work from home (#wfh) spot feels comfortable and professional. I find that using large trays (paperwork divided by task- urgent, financial, & marketing) and mason jars (great for pens & clips) help me stay super organized. Keeping things neat (with a nod to Marie Kondo) will help you be most productive.

The other key to working seamlessly from home is to migrate. I do computer work in my downstairs office.  It’s easier to draw from my kitchen table where there is abundant natural light. Answering emails and doing research from my living room sofa allows me to spread out my paperwork and notes. Changing location during your work day shakes up the boredom and spurs creativity.

Last, but not least, having a desk area that can be incorporated into your living space is essential. Desks suited to laptop work, allow you a great solid surface with room to store essentials at the end of the day. When not in office-mode, they make lovely tables for decorative objects (living room) or bedside tables. And, why not add art work in your office area? I love a bit of whimsy to help me through my work day. What about you?