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High Point Market Recap 2021- Top 5 Trends- Part 1

Our Top 5 Recap from High Point Furniture Market. We spent 5 days exploring everything that High Point had to offer and came away with these 5 big ideas. Overall, things point to a warm and cozy home aesthetic in your future.

1. Supply and Demand- Supply chain issues remain a huge challenge for both manufacturers and interior designers. The best course is to be completely transparent with clients as delivery times move out by months (!). Word is that a major North Carolina shipping company is taking 10-12 weeks to turn around shipments from NC to the NYC area. This will be with us well into next year, so plan accordingly. You can check out their website to learn more about it.

2. Blue and Green- This has been an ongoing trend as these colors are both soothing and up lifting. This time there is more a shift towards dustier hues like sage green and deeper, moodier blues.

3. Warm Colors- Warm colors (yellow, orange and pink) are really having a moment. These hues look fresh, young and optimistic especially when paired with dark woods.

4. Lighter woods- We saw lots of great (handcrafted) wood furniture, mostly in a contemporary aesthetic. Light woods (elm) were having their moment. Darker woods skewed more ‘brown’ or espresso and are without yellow or red undertones.

5. Maximalism- However you interpret the word maximalism, there is an abundance of wonderful textures and pattern to layer in your home. This covers everything from wallpaper to embroidered textiles to velvets or nubby medical friendly upholstery fabrics. Think plush and enveloping cocoon-like spaces. For artwork, you can hire residential and commercial picture hanging services to hang them in the right places. Complete the look of your living space with furniture pieces from a furniture store