4 Wellness Design Trends

Here are 4 wellness design trends to jump-start your new year. Each is easy to incorporate into your home or office offering instant positive energy to your environment.

1. Nature and Light- We’ve all read the research that walking in nature reduces stress. Adding plants, especially in our office, can work to toward the same end. Source easy-to-care-for plants that meet the natural light requirements of your space. Upgrading your lighting will reduce eye strain and improve your mood too. Besides overhead lights, add floor lamps or sconces and table lamps. The goal is to have lighting at 3 heights for maximum boost.

2. Color- There is lots of research on color psychology but the general idea is to surround yourself with color that makes you feel great. Most of us lean towards either the warm, cozy shades of red, yellow and pink or the cooler shades of blue, violet and green. Colors to avoid- grey and white- neither of which lift mood or reduce stress.

3. Reduce Clutter- This seems to be really hard for my clients, but if you let clutter build, it really can send your stress level up. Tackle each room, one at a time, creating a home for everything. The 2 biggest culprits are mail and electronics. Have a large lidded basket for each and ensure things are tidied each night. This allows you to wake up in a clean space with a quiet mindset.

4. Healthy Eating- There are some wonderful products coming on the market that offer innovation for healthy eating. The 1st is from Signature Kitchen Suite’s which is offering a dual-drawer flexible freezer/refrigerator combination. Each drawer has 6 settings that can be separately programmed for your food. You will be amazed how the proper setting prolongs the life of fresh food. The 2nd kitchen appliance I love is a gardening cabinet by Natufia. The unit offers continuous access to fresh greens, herbs and vegetables via their hydroponic system.