Top 5 Colors for Your Home

Our choice for the top 5 colors for your home deliver some surprising shades. In keeping with our post-pandemic world. These colors are grounded in nature and offer calming shades for your home for years to come.

1. Brown is a predominate color- from milk chocolate to walnut and espresso- it offers a departure from the grey tones that have been with us for years. This color palette opens the door to brown furniture (antiques) providing a crafted and sustainable alternative to newness.

2. Terracotta and clay shades (orange with brown undertones) are increasingly available in textiles and accessories. These shades pair nicely with warm whites and matte black. Key metal colors are copper and brown washed bronze or brass.

3. Sage green is a clear winner especially strong in paint and kitchen cabinetry.

4. Warm whites lend a cozy feel and work very well with these natural tones.

5. Chrome yellow is the best of the yellow shades on offer. With a nod to the Bauhaus trend, it offers a sunshiny shade that uplifts your black and white color palettes.

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Sage Green is a key color for home