Top 5 Trends- High Point Market- April 2022

There were several new ideas that emerged from April’s Spring Market at High Point. Here are the Top 5-

1. Curvy Furniture- Continuing the theme that we saw in October Market, curves in sofas and chairs were abundant. There are so many wonderful curvy pieces in a variety of sizes from loveseat through pick-your-size modular. These sinuous, curving pieces offer our tired and overworked bodies a cozy hug.

2. Mixed Materials- The most interesting furniture pieces incorporate a mix of materials- different metal finishes, rattan, wicker or shades of wood- layered together in a sophisticated combination.

3. Bold Wallpaper- Really directional- a bold floral print. Wallpapers lend a fresh contemporary vibe to your home.

4. Oversized Lighting- Lighting as sculpture. These swirling rattan lights offer a bold statement in your living or dining room. What keeps the size from being oppressive is the swirling layers of rattan allows light to shine through each level.

5. Red- We’re starting to see red accents in furniture and lighting. A really interesting development! An added pop of color always makes a contemporary space shine.