Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel

4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Successful kitchen remodels take upfront planning. Here are my top 4 tips for your kitchen remodel.

Plan Your Kitchen to Last-
My POV on kitchens is to design with longevity in mind. Kitchen renovations are expensive (but worth it!) and should last for years. That’s not to mean that you won’t be replacing your dishwasher or microwave during this period. Your finishes, however, should be beautiful, hardworking and classic enough to not look dated. In these photos, we specified large terrazzo floor tile (hides everything!) and painted wood cabinets. Quartz countertops offer that classic marble look without the upkeep. You can also see here benefits of under cabinet lights. Check out for more info!

Layout and Storage-
The single most important step in remodeling your kitchen is planning how you want to move through it and where things will live. Things to consider: Do you cook every day? Do you shop in bulk? Do you need a coffee station/ refrigerator drawers for the kids/ extra freezer space/ recycling trash space? Working in NYC has trained me to make use of every single spare inch. In this case, we took out the bathroom closet (not the priority) in order to give a clean run of cabinetry with tons of storage.

Construction Management-
So much goes on behind the scenes with your contractor. We are in constant communication to ensure that our plans are built correctly for you. Inevitably, something weird will be found and, together, we will figure our a great workaround. There are different things suction cups can lift that can you for your kitchen renovation. Construction is never a clean, simple process, however, we will time all of your deliveries to be on site just before your contractor needs them for the speediest renovation possible.

How to Incorporate Color-
Kitchens are personal and yours should reflect what you love and how you live. Buying appliances in color is not for everyone but there is something elemental about the joy they bring every time you walk into your kitchen. Color is not trendy; it has been offered for more than a decade and continues to expand. What color would you choose?

However, when everything is done with your successful kitchen remodeling project, don’t forget to have a thorough pest control to keep the pest away going forward! This will make your home safe, happy, and healthy.