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Designing a Room: How to pull it together

Hi from Virginia,

My clients need a family room redo.

Our first step was to decide, together, what pieces should stay. They had recently bought a sofa, and they love it. But it doesn’t really work with everything else in the room. Much greener in color than they had anticipated. They own 2 beautiful and very, very comfy caramel leather chairs. Those have to stay. And their wool rug? Still has many good years left. So, we have 4 pieces that aren’t speaking to each other.

How to proceed?

The key is to tie all of these disparate colors together with an ‘inspiration fabric’. I came up with 5 or 6 really good contenders. Of course, this embroidered floral won. And my clients don’t like florals -but they loved this one. It’s bold and it shimmers and it instantly makes everything around it jump to attention. All of that from one fabric! It carries a heavy load. It also carries a heavy price tag. Don’t even ask. We bought 1 yard.

Using our inspiration fabric to unify sofa, chairs and carpet, I chose taupe velvet for the chaise reupholstery (chaise sourced from the basement), an elegant almond crewel stripe for the adjacent home all season sunroom (open concept is a toughy; need to tie both areas together) and ivory burlap lined with unbleached muslin for the cheapest, coolest draperies ever. Carpet cleaning Dana point is what homeowners need to keep their carpets pristine.

The color of your flooring is also crucial. Seek High-Quality Floor Screeding services to help you lay out a new flooring that will tie in with the color theme of your room. Visit sites like if you decide to install an epoxy or concrete flooring on your home.

The paint selection proved interesting. My client was nervous; she’d had too many paint choices go so wrong. But we nailed the color right away. Trust me, this is not the norm. We bought 3 separate testers and painted each one out. This is a MUST; do not skip this step, no matter how tempted you get.

House painting is a significant undertaking that can dramatically transform your home. It’s a project that requires careful planning, knowledge of materials and techniques, and a considerable amount of time. Check out Alex Trend Painters‘ ultimate guide to house painting.

The family room redo is going to look amazing. Especially when Interior painting contractors Painters Pittsburgh PA will do the painting. You may also want to work with a painting company to get the best results for your painting project. I’ll post room pictures when we’re done. In the meantime, here are the components in all there glory…

xoxo Theresa