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The Glamourous LIfe

Hi from Brooklyn!

Like so many people, I am slightly obsessed with the retro-glamour of the 1940's film era. There is an implicit feel, in both clothing and interiors, of glamour, luxury and ease. And time.

Doesn't that era, and those images we hold in our minds, make you feel that you have all of the time in the world? Time to have cocktails before dressing for dinner or to phone a friend from your chaise. No multi-tasking. No checking your phone. No better place to be.

So, how to bring this glamour and sense of ease into our homes? 

The joy of these spaces is in the little details which all add up to an incredible whole. This look sparkles! Think velvet, wool satin, fur, lacquer and mirrors- fabrics and finishes with reflected surfaces to bounce light around the room.

The most sucessful color palettes are neutrals: cream, ivory, lt grey with a bit of pale pink or aubergine.

Look for furniture with movement and romantic curves. No hard edges here. 

Imagine coming home from your multi-tasking life to a throwback world of glamour and ease. I wish…

xoxo Theresa