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Looking Up: Ceiling Design

Hi from Brooklyn!

Yes, I am the one stopping mid-stride to snap a photo of the ceiling. Don’t you hate that girl? But consider it from this perspective…your ceiling is your 5th wall. It is also the most underutilized surface in every home.

What color is your ceiling painted? Wait, wait, let me guess. It’s white! And every ceiling in your home is the same white and was painted before you moved in, right?

So here are some thoughts on how to add some design flair on your 5th wall, the ceiling:

1. Paint. When planning an interior painting project, choose a tone that compliments your wall color; try a lighter shade than your walls. This is amazing in living/family/library spaces with white trim. It adds a layer of interest beyond what’s on the floor. Conversely, you can paint your ceiling a contrasting color. Add depth to beige walls with a pale blue ceiling or add pale pink in your bathroom ceiling. You may hire an interior house painting contractor to help you achieve a great looking ceiling or a full-service residential painting company to help you with your house painting project.

2. Lacquer. Similar to paint but here white is also an amazing option. Lacquer will distribute reflected light throughout your space.

3. Wallpaper. There are amazing papers on the market. Try shimmery gold or silver paper in your living room or dining room. Patterns are much easier to apply in wallpaper. Do be sure to consider where the pattern falls in relationship to your furniture placement. And, how fun to wake up to a lively pattern over your bed?

4. Moulding. Whether you prefer traditional or modern spaces, adding trim to your ceiling helps to draw the eye up and the options are unlimited. Create your own design. Be sure to think out lighting placement first, though. A comprehensive guide on interior lighting design highlights the versatility of modern lighting fixtures, offering practical tips on achieving the perfect balance between style and functionality in residential and commercial settings.

Here are some of my favorite ceiling photos. My appologies to the people walking behind me.

xoxo Theresa