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My Fantasy Dining Room

Hi from Brooklyn!

It is such a dreary day outside. This is not my favorite time of year. The leaves are all over the sidewalk and I have the urge to cocoon inside for the winter months. Looking around for something to brighten my day, I pulled out this beautiful embroidered silk floral. I found this while working with a client this summer and haven't had a chance to use it yet. Would you be interested? 

This fabric is so sophisticated.  It has a taupey/green background and lots of greens, purples and pinks embroidered on top. And while it does have flowers, it's not really feminine as the Asian-vibe is what comes through.

Large scale prints like this work if you use them in really big pieces. I would use this print in a dining room for long, elegant draperies. You would need to line these (silk!) and I would choose a fabric in the same background color, but with one of the pinks as a ribbon trim near the lining edges. When your drape pulls away from the window, you glimpse a hint of pink peeking through. It's the unexpected little details that really pull a room together.

I see the fuchsia pleated fabric on the dining chair backs and the raspberry velvet on the chair fronts. I like that they are not matchy but play off of each other adding tension with color and texture. Wherever you stand in the room, you will see both fabrics at once. 

The citron satin would be beautiful on a pair of conversation chairs tucked in corner with a dark wood occasional table between them. The walls? I'd go with something dramatic like Benjamin Moore's new Colorstories in Dragonwell. This paint line is created from several pigments and will give your walls the depth of color that this type of room needs. And the olive green color will enable the draperies and chairs to pop. The only thing left to add is fabulous lighting. 

Bon appetit!

xoxo Theresa