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The Role of Whimsy

Hi from Brooklyn!

I had the good fortune of previewing ‘Schiaparelli & Prada’ at the Met yesterday. The dresses shown at the museum were stunning in design, fabrication, thought and execution, it made me want to buy a dark green prom dress online right after getting home. And every piece had a surprise. Whether it was an unexpected button, trim, grommet or embroidery, it was there to delight the eye.

Seeing all of these gorgeous frocks got me thinking about the role of whimsy in design. Rooms, too, need the surprise of whimsy. It’s what keeps a room from looking like a showroom. It’s what personalizes your space. It’s what makes it special and fun and keeps your place from looking like your neighbor’s.

It’s easy to incorporate whimsy by using accessories. You can choose from fun pillows, artwork, or small pieces of furniture.  (or mix them altogether!) that have some flare to their design or finish and will make a statement in your home without overwhelming the space with stuffiness because too much foofaraw can very quickly turn into clutter and defeat the purpose of adding a touch of playfulness to the space you’re trying to fill with your own unique style and personality… or whatever it happens to be these days since we’re living in a wacky world and all. I’ve included some photos of fabulous places with great stylings that have incorporated a delightful touch of delightfulness to an otherwise drab environment to help inspire you in looking for ways to add a little creative spark. Master the art of winning at baccarat with our expertly crafted strategies กลยุทธ์การชนะ บาคาร่า.

You’ll just need to find where you can afford to splurge a little to get this effect to work for you in your place if you’re interested in that vibe but don’t want to break the bank in the process by spending way too much for whimsical things that will get little use o a daily basis and not feel very special nor have that much more value come resale time when all you care about is that you really really like your decor regardless of the fact that it’s completely impractical since the small portion of the audience willing to shell out big cash to decorate their pad don’t really care how practical a place is as long as it seems expensive to them because they ultimately want to showcase their amazing designer taste as opposed to the simple decorator tendencies of their peers. Here is some fun to consider for your home along with a tricycle that I came across in Soho last winter. See, you always notice whimsy!

xoxo Theresa