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The Outdoor Room

Hi from Brooklyn,

I spent yesterday in Manhattan viewing Spring Market. One of the biggest trends in interior design is the Outdoor Room. Nothing interior about it. Except that it should mirror your interior.

Explanation- Your exterior spaces should reflect your personality, the way you live and your tastes. Does your outside space reflect who you are?

Some of the coolest ideas are really not new at all, but are a throw back- like beautiful table settings out on the lawn.  Not on the patio, but out in the grass. This is the opportunity to use all of those wedding gifts that have been packed up for the last 12 years. Throw a party and use it all. Add a vintage tablecloth for fun and watch how 'wowed' your guests are!

Another big trend is adding a cabana or tent to your yard. You can start with a simple metal or wood frame and add swags of outdoor fabric as your 'roof'. Or you can go the whole 9 yards and purchase a completed structure. These intimate structures define your room, add a note of romance to your yard and protect you from the elements.

Have you noticed how far outdoor fabric and rugs have come? Multi color prints and vibrant fringe trim are just the beginning. Amazing! But more on that later. 

xoxo Theresa