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The Outdoor Room #2

Hi from Long Island!

Last night, along with Therese Pomerenk, we presented a seminar on The Outdoor Room. We had such a blast meeting the ladies around Kings Park for this event. Discussed were all of the hot outdoor trends: tents, cabanas, living walls, wicker pods, lighting and chicken coops! Yes, chicken coops are hot and you can buy one online at Williams Sonoma. Won't you be the envy of your neighborhood? Ok, maybe not!

But where to start when defining your own Outdoor Room? It's the same as designing indoors: with a concept, with a mood board and with a floor plan. These basics ensure that you have all of your fundamentals covered. Once these are completed, you can jump in with all of the fun details. 

Some tips- Remember that you can repurpose your furniture. Bring that ottoman from the family room outside for a party. Add fun accesories, pillows, lanterns, & rugs. Remember that outdoor fabrics are a must. If you haven't shopped them lately, you will be blown away by the variety- stripes, prints and ikats abound. There are new offerings in plush outdoor rugs too. And invest in your outdoor furniture by buying the best quality that you can afford. It will pay for itself in the long run.

Expand your living space by moving away from the house and into your yard. We give you permission.

xoxo Theresa