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What Interior Designers Do- Inspiration

Hi from Brooklyn!

Clients always ask- Where does design inspiration come from?

It’s a hard question to answer because I am inspired by everything around me. Inspiration comes from nature, from product, from fashion, from the street, from books, from the people around me, from travel… I could go on and on. Inspiration also comes from the environment around the space that I’m designing for. If you are on the water, sensibly, your design should be different than if you are at a ski resort with 10 ft of snow.

When I first walk into a room and talk through the client’s wishes for the space, I always come away with an idea of how the space will ‘feel’. The hard work comes into play when I then have to translate my ‘feeling’ into something visual, so that my client can understand what is in my head.

This is usually done through materials, fabrics and drawings. Clients are always so excited to see their vision interpreted in a way that they never would have thought of and that hits the nail on the head, so to speak. Once the design inspiration for high end home interior renovations is agreed upon, the rest of the space- color palette, furniture, paint, & accessories- everything falls into place.

Below are some photos from yesterday’s design meeting. See if you can follow our thought process. We need to design very private, hopeful and intimate spaces for part of the project. The public spaces must be soothing, but engaging and inspiring.

Oh, and this building is right on the water with tons of east-facing natural light. What do you think?

xoxo Theresa