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    Design Ideas When Your Rent- Brooklyn Chic

    This cool Windsor Terrace row house is a long-term rental for my clients. They were all in on designing this space to their family’s needs. What they were worried...

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  • Brooklyn Brownstone

    Brooklyn Brownstone Update

    This sweet Brooklyn brownstone was a home ready for an update. Victorian homes have tons of character, but are woefully short on storage containers. My client loves color but...

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    How to Pick the Best Sofa

    Choosing a sleeper sofa for your home takes a bit of research. We all want to find the perfect furniture manufacturer, the one that can provide the most comfortable sofa ever, but...

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    Adventures in Design- Belgium

    Last month was super busy with work and travel. We’ve just returned from an amazing family vacation in Paris, but before we got there, my son and I made...

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  • bathroom renovations, bathroom inspiration, bathroom ideas, seabaugh interiors, brooklyn interior designer

    Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular searches on Pinterest and Houzz. We all want that ideal- the spa bathroom experience. It seems like it should be so...

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  • Kitchen Designer

    Tips for Your Home Renovation

    Are you considering a home renovation? Whether you’re thinking of redecorating a room or gutting your bathroom, a home renovation such as having sun awnings, pergolas, blinds, screens for windows...

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