How to Work with an Interior Designer

Working with an interior designer like Home Accents II interior design for residential and commercial interior design is a game-changing experience. They bring professionalism, business and project management skills and our amazing creative talent to execute what you dream of. I always outline a ‘1st Timers Guide’ to working with an interior designer- me!- when bringing new clients on board. This helps you to understand that your design project proceeds on a clear path and that decisions you make build to our end design.

Highlights on what to know about working with an interior designer-
1. Hire your designer first.
Designers work with clients before your contractor is hired. This way everything you want in your design project is accounted for and your contractor interviews proceed smoothly with everyone bidding on the exact same set of plans and specifications.
2. Do your homework. Collect samples and photographs and look at ADU Floor Plans ahead of time so that they can sift through it all and make sure they capture what you truly desire. Decide ahead of time what you want to keep and what you don’t need anymore.
3. Have realistic expectations. Budgets quoted on TV have no relation to reality as their budgets only include materials, including ‘free’ items for marketing purposes and don’t include staging (furniture, art, accessories) or labor. Expect labor to be far more than you imagine- usually 50% of your total budget.
4. Be flexible. Timelines are moving targets when renovating homes or having furniture made. Human hands touch every aspect of interior design and this takes time. Things will go wrong, break and get lost. Don’t worry, we will all work together to get you the best possible solution.
5. Communication is everything. They work out how best to communicate together and stick to it. Everyone is in the loop!