3 Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

How do you make your home feel bigger?
There are a few ways to visually expand your space that can be done by hiring houston contracting company who are the professionals in this field.
Here are 3 ideas:

1. Create rooms outside- If you have a patio, terrace or yard, divide this space into outdoor rooms. Create a kitchen area near your door with your grill and a nice table for prep.
I love to add an outdoor rug to the dining area. Use a big table with a couple of chairs and a bench on 1 side. Add cushions for comfort and an umbrella for shade. This doubles as a great outdoor office space.
For the living area, my go-to is a sectional sofa with 2 end tables for drinks. Pop a fire pit close by for 3 season living.

2. Furniture & Accessories- Inside your home, let’s start with your living room. Gather all of your pillows, throws and accessories into the middle of the room. Now pack 1/2 of them away. Take a look around. What looks tired, chipped or sad? Could you use new lamps? A big basket to corral the kids’ toys? How about your window treatments? Would a roman shade let in more light?
These changes are not expensive but can visually open your space and give your room freshness.

3. Plants, Flowers & Art- If you don’t have outdoor space, place window boxes on your sill with impatiens or geraniums. Both offer beautiful color and draw your eye towards the outdoors, making your room feel larger. Try to do research about the company that offers a huge variety of options of window types and designs which are breathtaking in their own beauty.
Placing large green plants in the corner will add height to your room.
Hanging a few large pieces of art will have major impact and make your room feel larger than a lot of smaller pictures (sorry, gallery wall). Choose art for your home that makes you smile every time you look at it. We all need to live with things that bring us joy!

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Create an outdoor living room on your patio